Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Forbiddance Love

Aeritas is teaching the young, beautiful Queen Azalea how to fulfill her sexual passions. Denied the desire of her husband, the evil King Donatus, her value was long-ago replaced by his craving for absolute power. King Donatus is obsessed by his tyrannical reign and expanding it the world over by building his dark warriors. Queen Azalea lives in the shadow of her painful past. She remains a prisoner to the man who never sensuously desired her, and each day the abhorrence towards him grows. That is, until Aeritas had arrived to instruct her. She learned how to embrace her all-consuming emotion and turn the hatred into a burning passion. All the while, Queen Azalea was unwittingly becoming the teacher to Aeritas; Azalea tutored him in the practice of love. Meanwhile, the Voodoo Witch Woman, Saurel, has visualized the dark horizon beginning to ring the Kingdom; she must put an end to the King’s destructive plans. To do this, she will have to guide Aeritas and Azalea to the Samburu Warriors so that they may aid the army in their defeat over King Donatus and his new flock of dark warriors. Saurel considers the young Queen and her tutor, and knows that the only way her plans are to succeed is to turn Aeritas and Azalea into eternal Forbidden creatures of the night.