Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Forbiddance Love

Queen Azalea is a beautiful woman and the much younger wife of a powerful African king. She longs for love and affection.Aeritas is a young and handsome musician. He is strongly attracted to Azalea.As King Donatus delves deeper and deeper into the dark arts, Azalea, his neglected and much younger wife, falls for a musician visiting their land. Dangerous under normal circumstances, King Donatus's dark associations could mean much worse than death for the pair.

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She dashes out of her room likes a shadow of a ghost without leave any track of disturbance to Donatus’ sleeps. As she tiptoeing into the dark blue shadow of night to follows to the music of lust have being forever playing in her ears.
She came out swirl around like a Swarm dancing around the tall constructed watered-silk fountain. Harmonize the melodic so softly with Feathery around thin pale blue rayon robe-de-chamber in the air.
But she was the only one is wake this kind of night, it was Aeritas Bonjewel that the one whom King Donatus has hide him as his temporary music request that he was awake practicing his violin. He saw Queen Azalea dancing around nears the fountain garmentless; he draws himself away from balcony and hides himself behind folded back drape. As He smiles as continually playing violin as he gaze through the heavy cloudy sheer drape. As her moves dancing away like African ballet in erotica heated as she keeps dancing around the fountain.
The way her eyes keep glinting to sound of the tune that releases the lust that locked up in her for years. She is lowering her thin gauzy garment resting down on inside on her arms that show the full glance of her silky-smooth slims body freely. She draws her foot down inside calm water as she sits back along with her leg stretch out pressing down to the ground. She brought hand down to underneath of the pond, and cast water into her hand.
She decants the water down onto her dark silk blistering body very lento. It is plunging down on her silky-smooth breasts and all the way down to her heating womanhood. Passion is flowing inside her like the water that she pullulated on her entire body. As she runs her hands over her sweet breasts so eroticism. The water had helped him to see a good full glance of her glossy clove purplish pink clitoris as she held it open and feast like a wing. As she holds on pictures of the Violin Player the way he was so intimate with his string display inside her mind whiles she is listening to the music of lust locked together of lustful inside her.
He had known that his music brought her into the deep erotica that she couldn't break the spells that she is under of. He couldn't help watching her because her dances were so bewitch rouse as well as his eyes being astonish.
His eyes keep engage on her beauty that the pale blue moon light casting down her by the fountain. Then suddenly, a gentle chilliness wind of the night blows so gentle against her heated skin along with her louse up her thin negligee.
As soon as she adage these deep oceans blue eyes peeking behind satiny gazing down at her from balcony’s window. And she takes off running like shudder ghost along with her Feathery thin pale blue rayon robe-de-chamber enfold around her that seeping away in the wind.
After he saw her glancing at her that he intercepted playing his violin and starts draw himself closer to reveal light. As he lean over his violin still in his hand as he signal out his other hand to assays to stop her.
"Madame, Wait! Please, don't go,” he hollered.
But, she just glances back hanging onto her rayon robe-de-chamber, her dark hair enclose her embarrassment smearing face by the wind and while continually bleeding away into the night. Merely he saw her barrette lessening from her long hair and casting down to the grayish-blue stone-ground by the fountain. As he continues addressing Azalea as she runs and runs with her heart grows trouncing deeper as she guides toward the deeps shadowy woods. His powerful voice disables to reach her through these woods.

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